ADHD and Medicinal Cannabis

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Embark on a journey to explore the intricate relationships between ADHD and medicinal cannabis in this enlightening webinar. Dr Bryce Joynson will illuminate the complexities and nuances of ADHD, discussing the impact and interaction of cannabis on the ADHD brain. The session will delve into various pivotal topics, including the current treatment approaches, management of complex ADHD, and statistical data on cannabis use in ADHD, providing a comprehensive overview that intertwines practical insights with recent research and case studies. This webinar is not only a learning expedition but also a gateway to understanding the multifaceted world of ADHD and cannabis in medical practice.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding ADHD: Gain a deeper understanding of the neurobiology of ADHD and the various complexities involved in its management and treatment.
Cannabis and ADHD: Explore the interaction of cannabis on the ADHD brain, understanding its impacts, potential benefits, and challenges in treatment.
Treatment Approaches: Learn about the updated treatment and management strategies for complex ADHD, including insights into the use of medicinal cannabis.
Practical Insights: Dive into real-world applications through recent research and case studies related to ADHD and cannabis, providing a practical perspective to the theoretical knowledge.
Medication Management: Understand the interactions with ADHD medication and the issues related to THC use in ADHD treatment and management.

Dr. Bryce Joynson, an esteemed Neurodevelopmental Specialist and General Practitioner from Queensland, brings a profound depth of knowledge in managing complex ADHD and ASD cases with medicinal cannabis therapies. Not only is he an authorized prescriber of Medicinal Cannabis and a member of several professional organizations like ANZCCP, SCCAC, and AMCA, but he is also the founder of the Executive Function Consulting Agency and has been actively involved in exploring the neurobiology of ADHD and the interaction of cannabis on the ADHD brain.

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