Psychosis and the Impacts of Cannabis

About the webinar

Explore the intricate relationship between psychosis and cannabis in an enlightening webinar led by psychiatrist Dr Paul Henderson. Delving into the depths of psychiatric medicine, we will meticulously dissect the latest research findings and clinical insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of how cannabis usage influences mental health, particularly its correlation with psychosis. Unveiling the underlying neurobiological mechanisms driving cannabis-induced psychosis, we'll navigate through epidemiological evidence that illuminates the association between cannabis consumption and psychotic disorders. Moreover, we'll discuss the crucial clinical implications for healthcare professionals prescribing medicinal cannabis and how to prescribe in a low-risk manner, as well as managing psychosis in cannabis users. Whether you're a seasoned mental health professional, a dedicated researcher, or a policymaker shaping regulatory frameworks, this webinar promises to equip you with profound insights into this complex nexus. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the impact of cannabis on psychosis; register now and embark on a journey towards comprehensive knowledge and informed decision-making in mental health care.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the relationship between cannabis and psychosis, including neurobiological mechanisms.
Interpret epidemiological evidence on cannabis-related psychosis.
Prescribe medicinal cannabis in a low-risk manner.
cquire clinical skills for assessing and managing psychosis in cannabis users.

About the speaker

Dr Paul Henderson, MBChB, MRCPsych, FRANZCP, is a consultant psychiatrist specialising in trauma-informed care and innovative treatments, like medicinal cannabis, for treatment-resistant mental health conditions. With extensive experience in adult mental health, Dr Henderson completed his training in the UK and served as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS before moving to Mackay in 2016 where he was Clinical Director for Mackay MHAODS for the last 2 years before moving into private practice. He has established his clinic, 'Recover and Thrive Psychiatry,' over the past 18 months in association with Mackay Private Hospital, focusing on compassionate, trauma-informed, and integrative care to support recovery and promote mental well-being.


When: Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: Free

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