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Palliative Care

Alya passed away on Wednesday 3rd of October at 13:40, we are extremely grateful for your support of the past months. Without you we wouldn’t have seen the extension to Alya’s prognosis, I was pleased (it was wonderful but extremely hard) to have her at home a couple of times in the final weeks. Medicinal Cannabis enabled the doctors to keep Alya’s opioids and morphine-based medications to a minimum. Keeping these medications down gave the family time to interact with a lucid version of Alya. As prior to the introduction of Medicinal Cannabis, Alya was regularly detached and would retreat to the bedroom for rest/sleep. Medicinal Cannabis was providing a background level of pain relief, improved her appetite and we would witness her consuming all her meals and more (as we would bring extra, she loved prawn gyoza). Medicinal Cannabis helped improve her blood results, after 6 weeks on MC her bloods returned better than her entry into Royal North Shore Hospital about 3 months ago. After 7 weeks her bloods returned even better results.

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