Ann's story

Cancer Pain

This is our Ann She means the world to us, she is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, sister and true friend to everyone in her life. She knows how to enjoy herself and has a wonderful distinctive laugh which is infectious. Ann’s laugh brightens up our day, her motto is Live, Laugh, Love which says it all. Ten years ago, our beautiful Ann was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma a rare type of cancer that usually begins in the appendix.

Ann’s journey with this disease has been extremely arduous, she has endured 6 major abdominal surgery’s and near fatal doses of chemotherapy. This has been a torturous battle that has taken its toll on Ann physically, mentally and emotionally. Recently Ann has turned to Cannabis oil prescribed by a doctor and in her words “I am more relaxed and able to cope with things. I am off all Opioid pain medications, eating, sleeping and overall my wellness has improved, I feel that I am back in control.

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