Damien S's story

Chronic Pain & PTSD

I am 47 years old and I have PTSD (severe), chronic pain (debilitating), O.C.D and a number of related or associated conditions. I have an autoimmune disease and a long medical history.

Over the many decades, I have been put on every medication to treat these conditions. The lowest point was where I was told by hospitals not to bother going back (private and public) as there was nothing else they can do for me. I was taking opioids and taking different medications for many conditions, at one point there were 18 tablets per day. It got to the point that there was no option left. I had tried everything else. I was ready to die. I was comfortable with that; I knew I had tried everything that I could. In that time, I had been following the treatment of my conditions with cannabis and saw positive results. That was something I had not tried so I need to at least try, I owed that to my son at least.

The results were dramatic. I am able to do things that people take for granted like going to a market, be in a public, go to the shops. I never thought I would be able to exercise again. I am back exercising. I describe it as chains breaking free and has opened up a whole new life. It has stabilised my moods. I am able to control my triggers, not the triggers controlling me. Cannabis oil has put things back where they should be exactly what medication is supposed to do.

Cannabis has saved my life and a big thank you needs to go to the Chief Medical Officer at MediHuanna for listening, for acting and just knowing I was at that point.

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