David's story

Chronic Pain

My Name is David, I have been suffering chronic pain for about 6 years after a workplace accident.

After such an accident and as a result of such a life-changing event, I began to suffer severe anxiety and a deep depression. As a result of these conditions, I ended up on 4 different types of medication. There Targin for pain relief, 3 different anti-depressants and to add to this I have Crohn’s disease and was taking 6 tablets a day for treating this as well. I was going nowhere, I became impotent because of the medication, I never left the house and my life was getting worse. I honestly was contemplating taking my own life, every day I would wake up and say “Na, today’s not the day”, it was living my life day by day.

I heard about cannabis treat and how successful it was in treating pain, anxiety, and depression. I saw Dr. Towpik and she felt I was a good candidate for this treatment. All my other doctors would not even look at this type of treatment. With the help of Dr. Towpik, I was approved relatively quickly, she really did go above and beyond what I was used to with other doctors. I have been taking full spectrum cannabis oil for approx. 4 months now, I am gradually reducing all my other medication and will stop taking all the pharma drugs very soon. As a pleasant side effect, the cannabis has had an effect on my Cron’s disease and I have not had a flare up since being on the oil.

I can’t overstate enough the difference it has made in my life. I am able to go out, hold a conversation and am no longer having debilitating anxiety attacks. I would recommend anyone who is considering trying cannabis oil to give it a try, it is much easier on my body allows me to function normally where once I would be in a drug-induced laziness.

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