You may just get your life back

Jeremy's story: Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD

I am 36years old and have a history of mental illness, including schizoaffective disorder, PTSD and insomnia. I grew up in a very medically minded family who relied solely on medication. After many poor anti-psychotic medications, mood stabilisers and anti-depressants, I settled on a standard anti-psychotic for over 20years. While much on my mental Illness is genetic in nature, towards the end of 2018 I had major stressors, including the possibility of divorce, major concerns in my career and a major legal case. I decided to take a risk and try pure CBD oil prescribed by Dr.Towpik. While the risk, cost and regulations were great, I realised that standard treatment, while it worked, only reduced my functioning, ability to live and had major side effects, including weight gain and poor cognition. After some months of treatment, and excellent support from Dr.towpik, while the stressors where still present, my symptoms are little to none. In addition to this, I have lost over 10kgs, quit smoking, my asthma has improved and my cognitive ability is better. While this plant is not perfect (for example it is difficult to transport, costly and takes a little time to work), both the money and administration work is worth it. I would encourage anyone who desires both symptom review and more wellness to make the sacrifices necessary and try. If it doesn’t work; so what? You have tried. But if does work, you may just get your life back. God knows I did.

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