Lisa G's story

Chronic Pain

My life was a mess. Chronic pain had ended my career and all I loved. With the depression, chronic fatigue and other illnesses it dragged me to the bottom of the pit. Almost bedridden, I was desperate for release from pain and a life which was bereft of joy.

With help from friends, I managed to start medical cannabis treatment in late June 2018. Progress was slow at first, but almost immediately I found my mood had improved and a feeling of being better able to cope with my symptoms. Continuing under my doctor’s expert guidance, I am now, 6 months later, feeling significant improvement in my symptoms and have removed 9 drugs (or 50%) from my daily dose of meds. That’s an incredible relief for my liver which has been damaged by the use of these heavy drugs for the last 16 years.

Medical cannabis has a strangely subtle way of working on you. It does not “kick in” like opioids. It just suddenly becomes an “absence” of pain. A generalised feeling better in one’s self. Pain which was once unbearable, becomes bearable and in some cases, non-existent. You feel better able to cope. And the great joy of it all, is that there are no crippling or biologically damaging side-effects.

Australia must make medical cannabis available to ALL who need it and most especially AFFORDABLE for all who need it. Medical cannabis has the potential to save and change lives. We must move forward with this quickly. Peoples’ lives hang in the balance while we dither.

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