Samantha's story

Chronic Neuropathic Pain

My name is Samantha and I sustained a spinal cord injury 6 years ago whilst holidaying in Thailand which left me T6 complete. I have been in constant neuropathic pain since my accident, my pain level on a scale of 1-10 was usually between 6-8. Chronic pain certainly wears you down, it affected my mood and general outlook on life. I was very depressed dealing with both loss of independence and of course the pain.

I was put on an anti epileptic drug for the pain whilst in hospital which initially decreased the pain from 10/10 to 7-8 but certainly did not get rid of it. I was prescribed cannabis oil legally by a doctor approximately 6 months ago to help with my pain, mood, nausea and poor sleeping patterns. The cannabis oil certainly degreased my pain to 3-6, helped with my mood and I sleep well every night. I would highly recommend it to people suffering similar problems like I have.

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