Shar's story

Chronic Pain

My name is Shar and I am 49 years of age, my doctor prescribed me cannabis oil legally around 7 months ago, for my complex medical issues. One issue is a severe allergic and sensitivity to other prescribed medical products. I was bed bound 24/7 and had no quality of life. I would also like to note I was very sceptical about this oil due to the media hype and I am also very anti-illegal drug use.

Legally prescribed cannabis has changed my life. I am able to do a lot more than I was able to and have lost 18 kilos, my pain has dropped from a ten down to around a three to four, most days. Before the prescription, I was lucky to get an hour rest from the severe pain and I am now averaging 5 to 6 hours sleep most nights from having no sleep before cannabis oil. I also suffered severe depression due to the never-ending break from the pain, the pain is still there but it is no longer my only focus and I am more positive in my outlook. I feel that the oil has enabled me to have more out of life and as it’s natural I have not had any allergic reaction to it so far. However, it has made me very tired. But as I have said to my doctor, I would much rather be tired than in severe pain and this may not be a side effect that you would experience.

It is not addictive and if I miss a dose, I just take it when the pain increases. It reminds me and then I remember that’s right I didn’t take that last dose.

I hope that this testimonial helps someone who is considering if cannabis is the right medication for them. I also can’t thank the doctor enough who legally prescribed me this product.