Cannabis treatment protocols and the right choice of medication

When: Saturday, 20 May 2023

Time: 9 am (AEST)

Cost: Free

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Join Mara Gordon in an exclusive webinar presented by Medihuanna and explore the cannabis treatment protocols, medication selection, and reaching therapeutic doses.

Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon, Co-Founder of Aunt Zelda's™, Octopi Wellness, and Zelira Therapeutics (previously Zelda Therapeutics) (stock symbol: ZLD), is a pioneer in developing data-driven cannabis treatment protocols for seriously ill patients. With a mission to bring about change in the healthcare system, she is dedicated to utilizing her expertise in cannabinoid-based medicine for the benefit of patients in need.

Before delving into the world of medical cannabis, Gordon worked as a process engineer, helping Fortune 500 companies create intelligent software. Her background in engineering has enabled her to adopt a detailed and scientific approach to medical cannabis, transforming the lives of thousands of patients suffering from various ailments.

Mara Gordon's groundbreaking work has been documented in films such as The Medicine in Marijuana, the award-winning documentaries Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, and Weed the People, and she has been featured on the TEDx stage.

Cannabis treatment protocols and the right choice of medication

In this insightful webinar, Mara Gordon will share her expertise on cannabis treatment protocols and medication selection, covering the following key takeaways:

  • 1. How to read and understand a Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • 2. How to recommend the appropriate medicine and method of ingestion
  • 3. How to titrate the medicine to reach a therapeutic dose

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from Mara Gordon, a leading expert in the field of medical cannabis, and enhance your understanding of cannabis treatment protocols and the right choice of medication. Register now and be a part of this informative and transformative webinar.

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Educational Activity: 1 hour

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