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Medihuanna provides a comprehensive educational platform that offers more than just a learning experience. It is a career-transforming opportunity, positioning you as a highly sought-after expert in the emerging field of medicinal cannabis.

CPD Compliant Education

CPD Compliant Education

Upgrade your knowledge with CPD approved educational content on medicinal cannabis.

Mentorship and Support

Mentorship and Support

Navigate the vast medicinal cannabis product range with expert guidance and mentorship.

Expert Community Forum

Expert Community Forum

Connect and collaborate with a network of medical professionals for real-time discussions and support.

Access your learning anytime, on any device

Access your learning anytime, on any device

Track your progress, accumulate CPD points, and connect with a supportive professional community—all at your fingertips with our new Medihuanna dashboard.

Live and self-paced education.

We provide accredited resources for all health professionals who want to learn how to manage patients with medicinal cannabis. Choose your learning option between live and self-paced education.


27 Jun 2024, 07:00 PM

Mastering PTSD with Medicinal Cannabis
This masterclass provides healthcare professionals with essential skills for managing patients with PTSD using medicinal cannabis.
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30 Jul 2024, 07:00 PM

Mastering Endometriosis with Medicinal Cannabis
This masterclass provides healthcare professionals with essential skills for managing patients with endometriosis using medicinal cannabis.
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20 Aug 2024, 06:00 PM

Mastering Autism with Medicinal Cannabis
This masterclass provides healthcare professionals with essential skills for managing patients with autism using medicinal cannabis.
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Integrative Management of Paediatric Epilepsy
Explore paediatric epilepsy with an integrative approach. This course covers foundational knowledge, treatment methods, and the latest research on medicinal cannabis. Gain evidence-based insights and practical skills for holistic epilepsy care.
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Cannabis Science and Pharmacology
Learn about the cannabis plant, the Endocannabinoid System, and the effects of THC, CBD, and other compounds. Ideal for healthcare professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts exploring cannabis pharmacology.
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TGA Guidance for Medicinal Cannabis Clinical Indications
This course equips Healthcare Professionals with knowledge on medicinal cannabis as per TGA Guidance Documents, covering its use in chronic pain, palliative care, CINV, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. Learn to make informed decisions on prescribing cannabis-based medicines.
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Practical Considerations in Medicinal Cannabis Dosing
Master medicinal cannabis dosing for optimal patient outcomes. Explore balanced ratios, pharmacokinetics, and personalised strategies, catering to beginners and experienced users.
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Appropriate Management of Medicinal Cannabis Patients
Master medicinal cannabis patient care in Australia. Learn assessments, treatment planning, and safety, including drug interactions. Explore access routes like SAS, AP status, and the TGA portal for excellence in this evolving field.
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What makes Medihuanna unique?

Medihuanna is an Online Platform for Healthcare Professionals, with a vision to improve healthcare with accessible learning by empowering teaching. We offer a space with CPD compliant education, mentorship and an expert community forum specialising in medicinal cannabis for health professionals.

We educate, guide and connect thousands of healthcare professionals to improve patients outcomes with medicinal cannabis and integrative therapies. Our mission is to empower health professionals, so that they can treat patients more holistically.

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