Comprehensive Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber

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Learning outcomes

Evaluate the suitability of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of these indications

Demonstrate an understanding of the treatment considerations, dosing and titration to ensure patient safety during cannabis treatment

Identify appropriate strategies of patient management and current legislation including prescribing, and patient access pathways

Create a treatment plan and identify the role of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of these conditions

Claim 8 CPD Hours

Medihuanna is a CPD approved education provider and you will be eligible to claim CPD hours by contacting your relevant CPD home. CPD for this course has previously been 40 accredited RACGP points. The 2023 course will include the following CPD allocation with reporting to your CPD home available:

Educational Activity: 3.0 hours

Reviewing Performance: 5.0 hours

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CPD Points for Fellows of RACP

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Course Description

This course is an excellent in-depth guide for medical practitioners who are new to or have experience in prescribing cannabinoid-based medicines. This will enable practitioners to develop their skills and learn everything required to confidently understand the role of this medicine in treatment applications such as chronic pain management, epilepsy, CINV, palliative care and MS. Equipped with practical information throughout 68 lessons, you will be able to confidently assess, prescribe, and treat patients with medicinal cannabis and know you are receiving unbiased and high quality training based on the latest medical research. Upon completion, you will receive a statement of attendance which you can use to become an authorised prescriber. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills, with useful case studies throughout. This course is for doctors, by doctors and takes 6 hours to complete.


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Dr. Teresa Towpik

Medihuanna Founder

This course is designed for:

General Practitioners

Medical Doctors

Health professionals

Specialist Doctors

Nurse Practitioners

Course curriculum

1 Meet the Instructor ( 2 min)
2 Learning Outcomes & Course Details
3 Prerequisite Activity
4 Section 1: The Cannabis Plant ( 4 min)
5 Section 2: The Endocannabinoid System ( 13 min)
6 Section 3: Pharmacology and Phytocannabinoids ( 17 min)
7 Section 4: Clinical Applications ( 23 min)
8 Section 5: Adverse Effects and Potential Drug Interactions of Cannabis ( 11 min)
9 Section 6: Treatment Considerations ( 19 min)
10 Section 7: Dosing & Titration ( 7 min)
11 Section 8: Patient Management and Monitoring
12 Section 9: Patient Access ( 14 min)
13 Section 10: TGA Application Process ( 12 min)
14 Section 11: Developing a Treatment Plan - Case Studies
15 Section 12: Case Studies - Synopsis
16 Section 13: Expert Case Study

Course details

Earn 8 RACGP CPD Hours

Claim CPD Hours

2 hours 53 min of educational content

66 lessons

12 months access

Certificate of completion

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