Integrative Management of Paediatric Epilepsy

Explore paediatric epilepsy with an integrative approach. This course covers foundational knowledge, treatment methods, and the latest research on medicinal cannabis. Gain evidence-based insights and practical skills for holistic epilepsy care.

About the course

Designed by Dr Bonni Goldstein, this course is a comprehensive guide to managing paediatric epilepsy with cannabinoid therapy with an integrative approach. This course explores the foundational aspects of epilepsy, its related comorbidities, pathophysiology, and current treatment modalities. Dive deep into the literature and latest research about medicinal cannabis and its role in managing epilepsy. By the end of this course, students will be well-equipped with evidence-based insights, clinical guidelines, and practical case analyses for a holistic approach to paediatric epilepsy care.

After this course, you will be able to:

Define, classify, and identify the prevalence and causes of paediatric epilepsy

Understand the pathophysiology of epilepsy and its associated comorbidities

Evaluate the effectiveness of pharmacological treatments, surgical options, and dietary approaches

Analyse medicinal cannabis's role, mechanisms, side effects, and interactions in epilepsy treatment

Apply clinical guidelines and assess case studies for informed epilepsy patient care

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Overview of Epilepsy (4 min)
Section 2: Pathophysiology (2 min)
Section 3: Conventional Treatments (4 min)
Section 4: Medicinal Cannabis (37 min)
Section 5: Case Studies (13 min)
Section 6: Reviewing Performance

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Medical Educator

Dr Bonni Goldstein

Medical Educator

About the Educator

Bonni Goldstein, MD is the Medical Director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education, a California-based medical practice devoted to educating patients about the use of cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions. She completed her internship and residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she also served as chief resident. After years of working in the specialty of Pediatric Emergency medicine, she developed an interest in the science of medical cannabis after witnessing its beneficial effects in an ill friend. Over the last 15 years she has evaluated thousands of patients for use of medical cannabis and is recognized as an expert in the clinical application of cannabis therapeutics. She has a special interest in treating children with intractable epilepsy, autism, cancer and other conditions. Her latest book, “Cannabis is Medicine: How Medical Cannabis and CBD are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain” was published in September 2020 by Little, Brown Spark. Dr. Goldstein recently co-authored two peer-reviewed articles researching the use of Cannabis-Responsive biomarkers to document cannabis treatment efficacy, guide clinical decision-making and improve outcomes in children with autism.

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