Cannabis Use Disorder

Join Prof. Nicholas Lintzeris in a comprehensive webinar on Cannabis Use Disorder, examining its development, prevention, management, and the role of medicinal cannabis in treatment. Don't miss out!

About Webinar

This webinar will delve into Cannabis Use Disorder and medicinal cannabis from two distinct perspectives: the development, prevention, and management of cannabis use disorder in patients prescribed THC-based medicines for other conditions, and the evidence for medicinal cannabis in the treatment of (primary) cannabis use disorder in contemporary Australian clinical settings. Professor Lintzeris will explore these aspects, providing insights into the complexities and challenges of managing and treating cannabis use disorder in various patient demographics.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Cannabis Use Disorder: Gain insights into the development, prevention, and management of cannabis use disorder, especially in patients prescribed THC-based medicines.
Medicinal Cannabis in Treatment: Explore the evidence and application of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of cannabis use disorder within Australian clinical settings.
Addressing Challenges: Understand the challenges faced by health providers and consumers in addressing cannabis use disorder, especially when THC-based medicines are prescribed for other conditions.
Exploring Alternative Treatments: Learn about the role of medicinal cannabis in treating cannabis use disorder, especially considering the lack of licensed medication to manage it.

Professor Nicholas Lintzeris, a Conjoint Professor in Addiction Medicine at the University of Sydney and Director of Drug and Alcohol Services at South East Sydney Local Health District in NSW, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of cannabis use and its disorders. He has spearheaded numerous NHMRC funded clinical trials of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of cannabis use disorder and is the lead researcher of the Cannabis As Medicine Surveys, examining consumer experiences of medical cannabis in Australia. In his private practice in Sydney, he prescribes medicinal cannabis, integrating his extensive research and clinical experience.

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