Exploring the Ethics of Medical Cannabis Practice

Join Dr Laurence Kemp in an insightful webinar on the ethical considerations in the medicinal cannabis practice. Explore strategies to optimize patient outcomes, manage conflicts of interest, promote patient autonomy, and ensure equitable access in this rapidly evolving field.

About Webinar

In this invaluable session, Dr Kemp will delve into the ethics of medical cannabis practice, discussing vital aspects such as enhancing patient safety, reducing risks, optimising patient outcomes, identifying and managing conflicts of interest, and promoting patient autonomy in decision-making.

The webinar aims to weave these elements into a single, coherent narrative, providing a comprehensive understanding of the ethical considerations in medical cannabis practice and advocating for equitable access to medicinal cannabis across various patient groups.

Learning Outcomes

Ethical Considerations: Gain an in-depth understanding of the ethical considerations in medical cannabis practice.
Enhancing Patient Safety: Learn effective strategies to enhance patient safety and optimise treatment outcomes.
Managing Conflicts of Interest: Understand methods to identify and handle potential and real conflicts of interest.
Promoting Patient Autonomy: Learn techniques to encourage patient autonomy in the decision-making process.
Ensuring Equitable Access: Understand strategies to ensure equitable access to medicinal cannabis across various patient demographics.

Dr Laurence Kemp, a compassionate general practitioner and the Head of Medical at Cann I Help Pty Ltd since February 2021, is celebrated for his expertise in clinical leadership, medical education, and clinical research, with a profound interest in medicinal cannabis. Under his leadership, the medicinal cannabis clinic has expanded to include a team of over 30 doctors, earning the ‘Best Clinic/Telehealth Service of the Year’ award at the 2023 Cannabiz awards.

As a TGA authorised prescriber for medicinal cannabis products, Dr Kemp utilises his extensive knowledge to treat various physical and mental health disorders, ensuring top-tier patient care and contributing significantly to clinical leadership, medical education, and patient care in both the medical community and the medicinal cannabis industry.

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