MDMA and Psilocybin: Patient Story

Join Rebecca Houghton in a webinar discussing MDMA therapy, microdosed psilocybin, and heuristic approaches to mental health care.

About Webinar

Embark on a journey exploring MDMA and Microdosed Psilocybin in this comprehensive webinar. Rebecca Houghton will guide us through various topics, including the pitfalls of mainstream mental health treatment, the concept and benefits of microdosing psilocybin, citizen scientist data of microdosing psilocybin, the role and benefits of MDMA therapy, and her heuristic approach to mental health care. Sharing her real-life experiences and insights, this session promises to be an enlightening exploration of alternative approaches to mental health care, challenging common stereotypes and providing a fresh perspective on mental health treatment options.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Alternative Treatments: Gain insights into the world of MDMA therapy and microdosing psilocybin, understanding their roles, benefits, and potential pitfalls.
Heuristic Approach to Mental Health: Learn about a heuristic model for mental health care and how it contrasts with traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions.
Real-Life Experiences: Hear firsthand experiences in managing complex and combat post-traumatic stress, providing a practical perspective on the theoretical knowledge.
Challenging Stereotypes: Engage in discussions on topics often considered taboo or illegal, challenging mainstream stereotypes and exploring alternative mental health treatments.
Legalization and Advocacy: Understand the journey towards the legalization of medicinal cannabis and MDMA trauma therapy in Australia and the role of advocacy in bringing about change.

Rebecca Houghton, an international speaker, Health & Wellness Coach, and staunch Mental Health Advocate, brings to the forefront her real-life experiences in treating and managing both complex and combat post-traumatic stress. As the Co-founder and former Director of the ex-service organization, Weeded Warrior, Rebecca has been a vocal advocate for medicinal cannabis and MDMA trauma therapy legalization in Australia. She has successfully championed the Department of Veterans Affairs to cover Medicinal Cannabis for Veterans and is passionate about educating on topics often considered taboo, challenging mainstream stereotypes with her heuristic approach to mental health care.

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