Medicinal Cannabis Brand Substitution and Compounding Guidelines

This important webinar comes at a crucial time, considering the rapid growth and increasing significance of the cannabis industry. With numerous discussions and evolving perspectives on brand substitution and compounding medicinal cannabis medicines.

About the webinar

In the rapidly evolving world of medicinal cannabis, new practices are emerging that could significantly impact patient care and the industry's reputation. The increasing practice of substituting manufactured finished products with compounded flower by some pharmacists. This trend raises significant concerns about patient care and could potentially harm the reputation of the medicinal cannabis industry.

This webinar is meticulously structured into four detailed sections, each presented by industry experts, Des Harp, Quinn On, Dr. Anjali Didi, and Marina Holt to provide comprehensive insights into various aspects of medicinal cannabis. It's vital for healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and those involved in medicinal cannabis product management to understand the current landscape thoroughly.

The Landscape of Medicinal Cannabis Products: Led by Des Harp, this section navigates the expanding range of medicinal cannabis products, highlighting the challenges in product selection and the crucial role of patient counseling in choosing effective formulations.

TGA Categories, Brand Substitution, and Ethical Considerations: Quinn On explores the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) categories in Australia, focusing on the complexities of brand substitution, including ethical considerations, clinical risks, and legal aspects.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Medicinal Cannabis Prescribing and Dispensing: Presented by Dr.Anjali Didi, this segment delves into the legal and ethical best practices for prescribing and dispensing medicinal cannabis, emphasising the responsibility of prescribers and pharmacists in ensuring treatment consistency.

Compounding Medicinal Cannabis: Risks and Benefits: Marina Holt discusses the legality and practice of compounding medicinal cannabis in Australia, assessing the risks and benefits and addressing concerns regarding product quality and safety.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A session, allowing for in-depth discussions and clarifications on these critical topics. This event is designed to equip participants with a deep understanding of the current state and complexities of medicinal cannabis, focusing on legal, ethical, and patient safety aspects.

Learning Outcomes

Gain insight into the variety of medicinal cannabis products and the importance of patient-centered product selection.
Understand the complexities of brand substitution, including TGA regulations and ethical considerations.
Learn the legal and ethical guidelines for prescribing and dispensing medicinal cannabis, emphasizing patient safety and treatment consistency.
Assess the risks and benefits of compounding medicinal cannabis, focusing on regulatory compliance and product quality.

Our Expert Panel

Des is the owner of My Life My Health and was drawn to compounding from his previous careers as a chef and industrial chemist where formulating plays a big role in both food science and pharmaceutics to obtain the highest quality product. Des’ professional interests are in the areas of functional medicine and its relationship to good health through balancing hormones, improving liver detoxification and the newly emerging area of nutrigenomics. He is interested in how specific supplements can improve a persons biochemistry.

Des attends regular conferences both nationally and internationally that focus on the latest evidence supporting Integrative Nutritional Metabolic Medicine and he is also active in the Integrative Medicine community.He is passionate about educating people on the importance of incorporating proper diet, lifestyle and appropriate nutrient supplementation as part of overall health.

Quinn sits on the Pharmacy Council of NSW and regularly contributes to pharmacy education at four universities as well as being active in health care advisory committees. He is often seen on various national news programs speaking about government policy as well as promoting community health initiatives. Quinn has been a pharmacist since 1992, with over 30 years of experience in various pharmacy models. He owns pharmacies in both the southern suburbs and inner west of Sydney. Quinn is also passionate about professional services, AI, and robotics in pharmacy. Quinn is an advocate for expanded pharmacist services and understands the complexities of community pharmacy. Quinn is experienced in compounding, sleep apnoea, OTP, syringe exchange, and aged care. He is dedicated to community health and safety and has led successful vaccination clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as many other health care initiatives.

Dr Didi has worked in General Practice for nearly a decade. She is passionate about her profession and patients – working closely with other health care practitioners to take a holistic and integrated approach to treatment.

Dr Didi has developed herself to offer her patients the best quality of care by pursuing the latest learning in medicine and has extensive post-graduate qualifications within Geriatrics, Sexual Health, Clinical Dermatology and Family Planning.

Dr Didi teaches first and third year undergraduate medical students at the University of Sydney and is currently studying for the Fellowship in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine.

Marina is an experienced pharmacist who is well-known in compounding circles for her dedication to improving compounding pharmacy practice through education, training, mentoring and stakeholder engagement. She has recently been a reviewer of the APF Compounding chapters and is a member of the Quality Standards Development Committee. She is a proud former elected member of the Pharmacy Council of NSW. Marina is passionate about the difference compounding can make to patient lives, whilst always considering risk minimisation and patient -centred care.

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