Medicinal Cannabis for First Responders with PTSD and Insomnia

About Webinar

This session is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive insights into the challenges faced by emergency workers, the available treatment strategies, and navigating the workers' compensation process. It will also include real-life case studies highlighting the journey of recovery and progress for individuals who have faced these challenges.

The webinar aims to help attendees understand the effects of PTSD and insomnia on emergency workers' well-being, gain insights into the role of medicinal cannabis in managing these conditions, and acquire knowledge about workers' compensation processes and personalised treatment strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding PTSD and Insomnia: Gain insights into the effects of PTSD and insomnia on emergency workers' mental and physical well-being.
Role of Medicinal Cannabis: Understand the role of medicinal cannabis in managing PTSD and insomnia, assessing its benefits and potential considerations.
Navigating Workers' Compensation: Acquire knowledge about workers' compensation processes and personalised treatment, recognising the importance of holistic recovery approaches.
Real-Life Case Studies: Learn from real-life case studies that highlight the journey of recovery and progress in managing PTSD and insomnia among emergency workers.

Dr Dev Banerjee, with over 20 years of experience as a Specialist in Sleep Medicine, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing sleep disorders and their intersection with mental health and medicinal cannabis. Having held significant positions in various institutions in the UK and Australia, he is currently the Medical Director at Lullaby Sleep in the Central Coast NSW and has been an Authorised Prescriber for Medicinal Cannabis since August 2020 (NIIM approved). His interests span the management of mental health disorders causing insomnia using medicinal cannabis, the role of medicinal cannabis in treating PTSD and insomnia in First Responders, and he also serves as Co-Director of Vivace Health, providing dispensing and treatment support for users of Medicinal Cannabis.

David Lott, a Specialist Sleep & Cannabinoid Consultant, works alongside Dr Dev Banerjee at Lullaby Health on the NSW Central Coast. With 20+ years as a First Responder, David offers tailored advice to Police, Fire, Ambulance, and those suffering injuries and illnesses impacting sleep where other medications and treatments have not been effective. David runs Australia's only Specialist Sleep/Medical Cannabinoid Program for First Responders and initiated The First Responder Medical Cannabis Study with OnTracka for evidence collection.

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