Cannabis Genetics and Chemovar Selection

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The webinar "Understanding Cannabis Genetics and Chemovars Selection for Improved Therapeutic Outcomes in Patients" delves into the rapidly evolving field of cannabis genetics, which holds the potential to revolutionise the medicinal use of cannabis. The session emphasises the importance of understanding the therapeutic effects of cannabis genetics and the presence of specific cannabinoids and terpenes to tailor treatment to individual patients.

It highlights the crucial role of cannabis genetics and chemovar selection in determining the therapeutic effects of medicinal cannabis and underscores the importance of ongoing research and education in the field of medicinal cannabis to improve patient outcomes and ensure safe and effective use.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Cannabis Genetics: Gain insights into the therapeutic effects of cannabis genetics and the presence of specific cannabinoids and terpenes, tailoring treatment to individual patients.
Chemovar Selection: Learn about the importance of cannabis genetics and chemovar selection for medical professionals prescribing medicinal cannabis dried flower to their patients.
Different Chemical Profiles: Understand that different cannabis chemovars (i.e., strains) have different chemical profiles, which can affect their medicinal properties, and how medical professionals can make informed decisions when prescribing medicinal cannabis.
Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles: Learn how understanding different cannabinoid and terpene profiles can help medical professionals select chemovars best suited for specific therapeutic outcomes.

Emily Rigby, a research scientist and fervent advocate for medicinal cannabis, has been a pivotal figure in developing the Australian medicinal cannabis industry since 2016. She has established one of Australia’s first licenced medical cannabis cultivation and research facilities and has facilitated the release of Australian-grown cannabis medicines into local and export markets.

Emily, recognised as Australia’s 2021 ‘Woman of Weed’ in the Australian Cannabis Awards, serves on the Board of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association (AMCA) and is a Director at Protected Cropping Australia (PCA).

With expertise ranging from propagation and cultivation methods to cannabis genetics, facility design, and regulatory compliance, Emily is dedicated to destigmatising the Cannabis plant and facilitating the global cannabis industry.

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